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Lung cancer

March 2018

Patent approved in Europe

During 2015 the patent ”Method for detection of cytokeratin 8, 18 and/or 19 and/or soluble fragments thereof” was approved in Sweden. In September 2017 the patent was approved in China. The patent has now also been approved in Europe and is valid until 2034.

Uttalande från den Oberoende Budkommittén för IDL Biotech AB med anledning av AroCell AB:s (publ) offentliga uppköpserbjudande

Den Oberoende Budkommittén för IDL Biotech AB (”IDL” eller ”Bolaget”) rekommenderar aktieägarna att acceptera det offentliga uppköpserbjudandet om 0,63 aktier i AroCell AB (publ) (”AroCell” eller ”Budgivaren”) per aktie i IDL som lämnats av Budgivaren den 10 maj 2021.

IDL Biotech is making progress in Africa

IDL Biotech has now received its first order from the company's distributor in Uganda, Medilink Lab & Surgical Ltd. The order refers to TUBEX® TF, IDL Biotech's rapid test for typhoid fever. Uganda will thus be the third country in Africa to which the company delivers TUBEX® TF.

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