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March 2016

New interesting findings for the tumor marker UBC® Rapid

Result from a new German multicenter study

At this year’s EAU (European Association of Urology) meeting in Munich, March 11-15, a German multi-center study on UBC® Rapid was presented. Responsible for the study was Dr Thorsten Ecke, Helios Hospital, Department of Urology, Bad Sarrow. Urine samples were analyzed by UBC®Rapid POC test and evaluated quantitatively. The study showed very high sensitivity and specificity for high grade tumors generally 71/94%, and for CIS patients the sensitivity was even higher 87%.The authors concluded that UBC® Rapid should be added in the diagnostics for high risk bladder cancer and in particular for CIS patients with tumors in the bladder.


IDL signed two new distributions agreements

IDL has signed two new distributions agreements.

IDL Biotech knyter till sig världskänd Vetenskaplig Rådgivare

IDL Biotech fortsätter förstärka sitt globala team. Sam Kariuki, med över trettio års erfarenhet inom tropisk medicin, är ny Vetenskaplig Rådgivare till bolaget.

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