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Charlotte Berg

Charlotte Berg has over fifteen years experience within biotechnology. Charlotte joined IDL in 2009 as the Financial Manager, and in 2017 Charlotte was appointed as the new CEO. Prior to IDL, Charlotte was a financial manager at the biotech company, Cavidi AB.

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Martyn Eales

Martyn Eales has long experience from Life Science sales and business development. Martyn joined IDL Biotech in 2018.


Lars Jakobsson

Lars has many years of experiences being CFO and holding different financial positions. Lars started his career in the Ericsson Mobile Phone division and has worked the last years as CFO in different biotech and telecom companys.

QA/Reg Manager

Tina Yang

Tina Yang joined IDL in 2017. Tina holds a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology. Tina has many years of experience within QC/QA/REG after working for AstraZeneca for fourteen years.

Production Manager

Ola Eklund

Ola Eklund has considerable experience within production of diagnostic products. Ola joined IDL in 1999. He was previously employed at Beki Diagnostics AB.

Marketing Manager

Marie Torstensson

Marie Torstensson has worked as Product Manager for IDL Biotech since 2012. Prior to joining IDL Marie has held management positions at Boerhinger Ingelheim Svanova.

IDL Biotech

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