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December 2020

IDL Biotech develops rapid test for breast cancer

In recent years IDL Biotech has been working on developing a rapid test to detect lung cancer, under the project name MonoTotal® Rapid. However, further development will instead focus on creating a rapid test for breast cancer.

Read the article here (Swedish)

IDL Biotech is making progress in Africa

IDL Biotech has now received its first order from the company's distributor in Uganda, Medilink Lab & Surgical Ltd. The order refers to TUBEX® TF, IDL Biotech's rapid test for typhoid fever. Uganda will thus be the third country in Africa to which the company delivers TUBEX® TF.

IDL Biotech signs distributor agreement in Ghana

IDL Biotech continues to expand in Africa. IDL Biotech has signed a distributor agreement with Res Health Consult Ltd covering Ghana. The agreement covers the sale of TUBEX® TF.

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