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December 2020

IDL Biotech develops rapid test for breast cancer

In recent years IDL Biotech has been working on developing a rapid test to detect lung cancer, under the project name MonoTotal® Rapid. However, further development will instead focus on creating a rapid test for breast cancer.

Read the article here (Swedish)

IDL Biotech includes additional clinics in its ongoing multicenter study for UBC® Rapid in Sweden.

IDL Biotech currently has a number of ongoing clinical studies both internationally and in Sweden, with the aim of demonstrating the clinical benefit of UBC® Rapid in bladder cancer and having the test included as a complement in the follow-up of patients with bladder cancer who are classified as high risk.

IDL Biotech signs distributor agreements in Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia

IDL Biotech continues to expand in Africa. Today, IDL Biotech has signed a distributor agreement with Roi Scientific Ltd covering Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia. The agreement covers the sale of TUBEX® TF.

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