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August 2020

Gunnar Wahlberg appointed as acting CEO

The Board has appointed Gunnar Wahlberg as acting CEO.

Read the press release here. 

IDL Biotech continues its work on automating the TPS® tumor marker

As previously informed, at the end of 2019, IDL Biotech signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese company Zecen Biotech, regarding automation of the tumor marker TPS® on all Zecen Biotech's instruments. The development project has proceeded very well and the first phase has been completed. Thus, the last phase before launch now begins. The hope is that the product will be available on the Chinese market by the end of 2021.

IDL Biotech licenses its manual ELISA tumor marker product line to Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

“IDL Biotech wants to focus on rapid diagnostic tests and automated assays of its tumor markers. By licensing the platform ELISA to Beckman Coulter, we can focus our resources on streamlining and developing the other platforms,” said Gunnar Wahlberg, CEO of IDL Biotech.

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