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IDL Biotech AB share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since (26/6 2000) under the ticker (IDL B) and is traded through banks and stockbrokers.

In accordance with all regulations, IDL issues quarterly reports to the market and distributes the annual report to all shareholders. All this information is in Swedish.
The share holder’s annual meeting is usually held in Stockholm, and is announced accordingly.



2021-02-18 IDL Biotech  fourth quarter report and Year-end report 2020

2021-04-22 IDL Biotech first quarter report 2021

2021-04-23 Notice of handling to the Annual General Meeting

2021-05-27 Annual General Meeting, Stockholm

2021-07-22 IDL Biotech second quarter report 2021

2021-10-21 IDL Biotech third quarter report 2021

Ledamöterna i valberedningen för IDL Biotech är utsedda

I enlighet med beslut vid årsstämman som hölls den 27 maj 2020 har styrelsens ordförande i IDL Biotech tillsett att bolagets röstmässigt tre största aktieägare har erbjudits att vardera utse varsin representant att ingå i valberedningen.

Gunnar Wahlberg appointed as acting CEO

The Board has appointed Gunnar Wahlberg as acting CEO.


Charlotte Berg leaves the position as CEO of IDL Biotech AB (publ)

IDL Biotech's CEO, Charlotte Berg, has informed the Board that, after more than ten years at the company, she wishes to resign as CEO to start another assignment in a non-competing company.

Information från årsstämman den 27 maj 2020

IDL Biotech AB (publ) avhöll årsstämma på onsdagen den 27 maj 2020.

IDL Biotech

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