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December 2017

Positive results for TPS®

Results from a Czech Republic study.

Breast cancer represents 24 % of all cancer occurring in women. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy and the second most frequent cause of death by cancer in women. Although the incidence rate of breast cancer has been increasing, the mortality rate has remained stable for decades. This is particularly due to the earlier diagnosis and an  effective screening program as well as advances in treatment.

This study, published in Anticancer Researc (Svobodova et al. 2018) was conducted at University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Pilsen. The aim with the study was to predict relapse in breast cancer patients, when the measurement of biomarkers is performed within 1 to 6 months after surgery. In this study three different biomarkers were evaluated; TPS® (tissue polypeptide-specific antigen), CEA and CA 15-3.

The generated data show that TPS® levels of the patients in the recurrence group differed statistically significant in the first and six months after surgery compared to the patients in the recurrence-free group. CEA and CA 15-3 measurements did not achieve a statistically significant difference for any month examined.

From the data reported it was concluded that TPS® level measured in the sixth month after surgery is the best  biomarker to predict disease recurrence. The authors suggest that TPS® should be added to the panel of biomarkers for the follow-up monitoring of breast cancer patients after surgery.


About TPS®

The tumor marker TPS® is a reliable indicator of tumor cell activity and is particular useful in patient management for different carcinomas. Compared with conventional tumor mass markers, the activity marker TPS® provides the clinician with earlier signals about the course of the disease. TPS® is particularly useful in treatment monitoring and surveillance of patients with epithelial cell carcinomas e.g. breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.

TPS® is well-documented and is in routine use in China, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea, Germany, Italy and Austria among others.

IDL to strengthen global sales

IDL Biotech today announced that they are strengthening their global Sales and Marketing team. Martyn Eales has been named Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marie Torstensson has been named Marketing Manager. Together they will lead the effort to increase international sales.

Patent approved in Europe

During 2015 the patent ”Method for detection of cytokeratin 8, 18 and/or 19 and/or soluble fragments thereof” was approved in Sweden. In September 2017 the patent was approved in China. The patent has now also been approved in Europe and is valid until 2034.

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